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TEMCOS Simplyfing Telecom. Save on voice, data, internet & phone
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The Best Broadband, DSL, T1, T3, MPLS, VoIP and Phone Offers Available!

Temcos is a telecommunications broker for over 25 of the country's top telecommunications carriers. Temcos compares these leading service providers to get you the most competitive deals available so you can upgrade your business today!  It only takes moments to complete our Free Quote form for a comprehensive list of service plans and special offers in your service area. Temcos will help you increase productivity and enjoy significant savings on business phone service, high-speed Internet access, broadband service and VoIP!

Our partnerships with these major carriers allow us to offer nationwide coverage for all broadband access including Satellite, Wireless, Cable, DSL, Integrated T1, Voice T1, PRI T1, LD T1, SIP Trunking, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, Ethernet, VPN, MPLS, WAN | Wide Area Network, VoIP, Voice over IP, Fixed Wireless and other telecommunication, network and phone services at the lowest prices. If you are looking for high-speed Internet access for your home or business, whether it is one site or multiple sites, Temcos is the right choice.

Switching to Broadband could not be easier

Contemplating new service, additional service or an upgrade? Spare yourself from the hassle of having to visit with dozens of broadband providers. Enjoy the convenience of having them all on your desktop. Not only will you find competitive pricing but you will also you know which broadband providers service your business location. We will help you save money by providing you with exclusive broadband promotions and deals. Plus, we'll give you comprehensive information about each broadband provider in your local area. Your privacy is always protected, we will only use your telephone and address to determine service availability and to complete your purchase of high speed broadband or voice solutions for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of business broadband plans:

High Speed:

A business broadband internet connection can easily send & receive data of high capacity. And that too without the long wait which usually happens with a conventional connection. It's a fact that business broadband services are almost 9 times faster as compared to a conventional onnection for receiving data and 3 or 4 times quicker for sending data.

Lower Contention Ratio:

With a business broadband plan you get to enjoy a lower contention ratio than home broadband connection. This means you get faster download speeds and a more stable connection when users share the same line. With business broadband Internet plan you will never have to worry about slow connection speeds at peak traffic times.

Greater Value:

Business broadband internet provides a free domain name and a static IP address. This helps small businesses to create their own content with their own name. With a static IP address, users can access their PC anywhere in the world and run their own email server, web server and private network.

High Reliability:

Business broadband offers far greater support than home broadband. In this highly competitive online platform, an unreliable internet connection can cost your business a lot. And with broadband internet connection you get 24/7 uninterrupted connection and don't need to dial up a connection every time you want to surf the web, send email etc. Plus, as broadband Internet allows using your telephone and the Internet at the same time it becomes highly beneficial when used for business purpose.

Increase in Sales:

With the help of broadband Internet connection you can update for website faster, respond to events, customer requests quickly and complete your online deals faster. This can help in increasing the overall sales of your company or business.

Cost Effective:

For using a broadband internet plan you need to pay once in a month. As the cost of a broadband Internet connection is fixed one plan for the expenses more easily. More of your employees can be connected to broadband internet without increasing your Internet cost.

Reduce Travel Costs:

With broadband Internet connection you are in a position to allow your employees to even work from home (telework). This way the urgent works that are important for your company's success can never get delayed.

More Online Business:

With good broadband services you get to utilize e-marketing, e-sales, e-delivery, e-recording, e-invoicing, e-accounting and e-purchasing. All these surely help in getting more business online.

Increase productivity and competitiveness:

Faster transfer of data files between far away locations, enables a faster communication between you and your customers. In the long run, this helps in increasing the productivity level of your business.

All these benefits enhance the Internet surfing experience in a business atmosphere. The benefits of broadband Internet far outnumber any other mode of Internet connection. And this is why even it is bit costly as compared to other types of broadband connection; business owners are looking for broadband internet provider. Shop and compare.



Eastern Broadband

Save 10%-30% on all your

Business broadband needs!



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Save 10%-60% on all your

Residential broadband needs!


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